Dive in Perhentian Islands

    sugar wreck map

    Sugarship Wreck Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Sugar Wreck is a sunken freighter located at the west of Pulau Perhentian Kecil and resting 18m below the surface. It sank in 2000 during the monsoon period. As the name suggests, it was previously used for transporting sugar and currently, it is the house for many marine life.Reef adaptation can be…

    Batu Nisan Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    A gentler and shallower dive here where there is an abundance of giant clams, anemones and christmas tree worms. There maybe stingrays resting on the sandy bottom here. A good spot for a night dive as crabs, shrips and feather stars are in abundance as are parrotfish which will be asleep and encased…

    Seahorse Drift Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Seahorse drift is the best place in the perhentian for muck diving. Really close to the small island, but only accesible by boat. Is in the chanell between the two islands, so the current is always strong, therefore is perfect for drift diving.   The best moment for this dive is at sunrise where…

    Pasir Kerangi Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Artificial Reef made of PVC pipes anchored on sand in 1991.
    Vietnamesse wreck

    Pasir Tani Wreck / Vietnamese Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    One of the more popular diving sites, known as the Vietnamese Shipwreck, it's is located at the southwestern side of Pulau Perhentian Kecil.Actually it is an American landing craft which sank in 1976. Nowadays divers can find half of a steel landing craft while the location of the other half of the…
    Pulau Rawa map

    Pulau Rawa Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Another series of underwater boulders just off the tip of the smaller outer islands. There are a couple of small caves and swimthroughs here and some nice black coral and sea fans. Nurse sharks may be spotted resting in the crevices here.

    Pulau Susu Dara Besar Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Marine life is similar to Tokong Laut, with less coral life.
    Black tip shark

    Shark Point/ Light House Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Vast extension of hard coral,and the usual reef life. Easy to spot black tip sharks (when visibility is good) and home of turtles, needle fish, puffers, some barracuda, etc. In 2010 one diving school sunk an old piano there. It's locations shouldn't be difficult: In the Flora Bay side of this site…

    Terumbu Tiga / Three Rocks Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Terumbu Tiga lies to the east of the bigger of the two Perhentian Islands (Besar) and is accessed by boat. Its a collection of rocks, which provide a great habitat for critters, with very clear water and fun swim-throughs. This formation of large boulders is potentially the most picturesque site in…

    Tokong Laut / Temple of the… Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Massive pinnacle, sand at the bottom. Probably the best site in the Perhentians, with great marinelife diversity: scorpionfish, schools of yellow snappers, boxfish, pufferfish, bamboo sharks, nurse sharks, some occasional black tip shark, a house turtle, nudis and schools of reef fish.
    Turtle hanging out in D'Lagoon

    D'Lagoon Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Surrounding a small sandy lagoon is a lively bed of colourful hard corals. This chilled out dive will find you face-to-face with a wide variety of reef life, ranging from the magnificent school of giant bumphead parrotfish to the adorable Clownfish. You can even stop in for a manicure provided by…
    Trigger in Tanjung Basi

    Tanjung Basi Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    With fantastic hard coral beds and massive rock boulders to explore, this is a relaxing dive which offers a wide range of coral and fish life. Soft corals, including fans and whips are in abundance, also offering good chances of spotting sea turtle and giant moray eel. Three species of triggerfish…
    The beautiful Angelfish

    Batu Layar/ Sail Rock Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    With a huge staghorn coral field in prefect condition and massive table corals, this site has some of the best hard corals anywhere in the Perhentian's. A resident school of Fosters barracuda surround you on the descent and within the rocks a variety of moray and crab can be seen. Sea turtle are…

    House Reef Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Western Bay of Teluk Air Tawar (Fresh Water Bay).‘House Reef’ means just that! Suit up on the beach and just wade into the warm bay water. The seabed slopes gently from the shoreline. Approximately 50m(at lowtide) from the shore the floor drops away. This sheer drop spreads across the bay and…

    Secret reef / Hidden reef Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    This is a dive site that not many dive centers do, for various reasons: it's farther out and exposed to the sea, it's deep (so it's only recommended for Advanced people), and it's hidden.. But once you find it, it's worth the trouble! It has an interesting coral reef at around 30m deep and it's the…