Pasir Tani Wreck / Vietnamese

Perhentian Islands, Peninsular Malaysia


One of the more popular diving sites, known as the Vietnamese Shipwreck, it's is located at the southwestern side of Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Actually it is an American landing craft which sank in 1976. Nowadays divers can find half of a steel landing craft while the location of the other half of the boat remains a mystery to many.

Due to the fallen half side of the boat, divers can easily swim through the boat and observe the marine life within it. There is no lack on the variety of the corals and sea fans at this site. Scorpionfish, stonefish, butterfly fish, angelfish and barracudas are habitants here. The sandy bottom is covered with nudibranch and the wreck itself with gorgeous soft corals. Occasionally, divers can get to see leopard sharks lying near the wreck resting.

The visibility at this site ranges from 7m to 10m and the wreck is located at 22m under the surface. Be aware of the strong current, which is often strong here./p>

  • Vietnamesse wreck

    Vietnamesse wreck

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Sergio April 6th, 2010 - 0:53:
Vietnamese is a perfect wreck for performing wreck spec. Easy, not too deep and with lots of life. Beware the scorpionfish and stone fish in the bottom and avoid touching anything!

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