Dive in Langkawi

    Coral Garden Langkawi, Malaysia

    The southwestern tip of Pulau Payar offers a panoramic coral garden with steep canyons and crevices dropping down to around 18 meters. Marine life includes titan triggers, morays, lionfish and pufferfish. A litter further south is "Grouper Farm" named after the large number of resident groupers,…

    House reef Langkawi, Malaysia

    The most visited site at Pulau Payar is the House Reef. A sandy bay that houses the entire facility of the Marine Park center is in fact the center of attraction for most tourist visiting this island. A fringing reef consist of scattered coral heads is located just fifty meters from shore.

    Kaca sunken wrecks Langkawi, Malaysia

    South of the island is an artificial reef made up of seven sunken confiscated fishing boats. The wrecks are home to a wide variety of fishlife including jacks, mangrove snappers and groupers. Also mollusks and nudibranchs can be found among the scattered vessels. Navigation is relatively simple and…

    Pulau Segantang Langkawi, Malaysia

    This small island lies 13 kilometers west of Pulau Payar, it features steep rocky terrain down to 20 meters. Fish life is in abundance with barracuda, jacks, snappers and often nurse sharks. Tyre Reef is the most popular site here, there is also an anemone garden round the northern side of…

    Platform Langkawi, Malaysia

    Platfrom Reef

    Platform Reef Langkawi, Malaysia

    Pulau Payar Marine Park, 59km north of Penang and 35km south of Langkawi is truly a nature paradise which embraces lush forestation, white sandy beaches and superb coral gardens that is home to a vast diversity of magnificent corals and colorful marine life. Gorgeous coral garden in the marine park…

    White coral corner Langkawi, Malaysia

    Amazing soft corals; fans, whips, harps. Anemones with clownfish. Chance to see: seahorses, pipefish, nudis, crabs, shrimps, snapper, fuseliers, barracuda, porcupines, puffers, bambooshark

    Barracuda island Langkawi, Malaysia

    Diving at different sides of this island could show you barracudas or trevallies. Seahorses, frogfish, nudies, crabs, shrimps, pipefish and lots of anemonefish. We even spot the blue ringed angelfish here sometimes.

    Diamond point Langkawi, Malaysia

    A slow drift pushes you over the fields of whipcorals where you look for flatheads, seahorses, frogfish, clownfish, puffers, filefish or shrimps.

    The Stables Langkawi, Malaysia

    Going really slow and close to the muddy bottom, look for pipefish, seahorses and nudis. If you like the small creatures this is an amazing divesite.