Dive in Japan

    Sunabe Okinawa, Japan

    Lots of great crevices and abundant sea life.Access can be a little tricky if waves are large.Recommend wearing protective foot wear for walk-in/out as the reef can be hard on your feet.Great assortment of species such as lion fish, sea snakes, puffer fish and parrot fish.Low surge in this area with…

    Hate No Hama Kume Island, Japan

    Izu Oceanic Park Izu Peninsula, Japan

    The most famous dive site in Izu eastern area!It is easy access from Tokyo.The facilities for divers are well prepared, so you can enjoy scuba diving for all season.Well... the water is not always clear, but we can feel seasonality in the ocean.

    Maeda Point Okinawa, Japan

    The area has lots of channels and crevices in the reef. A few decent walls which go down to 60-80 feet. A short swim down the shire is a open sea cave with ambient light and plenty of fish. Some hazards include stonefish, sea snakes, cone shell snails and during the later part of the year jellyfish…

    Onnason beach Okinawa, Japan


    Oodo Beach Okinawa, Japan

    It's a wonderful spot for snorkelling. Divers can go to the outside reef by foot. The principal interest is that it's easy and uncrowded with an oncredible lagoon. It was my funniest day at Okinawa !

    Sand Pool Ishigaki island, Japan

    Nice pool sand (with waveform) surrounded by coral.A large number of fish and many corals on the side.

    Zamami Cove Zamami Cove, Japan

    Well sheltered cove with adequate sea life