Okinawa, Japan

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Dive Sunabe

Ambiance Big Fishes Reef

Lots of great crevices and abundant sea life. Access can be a little tricky if waves are large. Recommend wearing protective foot wear for walk-in/out as the reef can be hard on your feet.

Great assortment of species such as lion fish, sea snakes, puffer fish and parrot fish. Low surge in this area with great visibility. Have heard that this is also a tremendous night dive!

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John April 29th, 2014 - 15:08:
This is a decent place to go diving for beginners, you wont see that much except what the aritcle says, sea snakes lion fish and puffer fish. Due to the fact that a Marine Corps base is also near by, most of the coral is destroyed and also it has what we call a dead zone for other fish due to the increase of spear fishing

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