Dive in Triton Bay


    Disney Land Triton Bay, Indonesia

    Disney Land is a good dive at Triton bay. The spot was, like most other spots at Triton bay, originally discovered by Larry Smith.You dive around a small rock island. A good part of the area is covered by lots a black coral which are a good hiding place for many sweetlips. There is also a good…

    GT Rock Triton Bay, Indonesia

    GT Rock (GT stand for giant trevally)is a divesite in the Triton Bay, Irian Jaya.Diving is around a rock island.The quality of the diving at this site can vary a lot depending on the current. If there is enough current the is plenty of big fish (including giant trevallys).If there is no current the…

    Katy Rock Triton Bay, Indonesia

    Katy Rock is another dive site discovered by Larry Smith.The dive site is around a small rock island with a swim through close to the surface. We spotted a lot of marco life

    Little Komodo Triton Bay, Indonesia

    Located at “Pintu Arus”/”Palau Arus” (current island), this small island is only 5 minutes from Triton Bay Divers and offers 4 completely different diving experiences that will blow your mind! The most talked about dive is Little Komodo where the huge boulders nearly break the surface with…