Little Komodo

Triton Bay, West Papua

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Located at “Pintu Arus”/”Palau Arus” (current island), this small island is only 5 minutes from Triton Bay Divers and offers 4 completely different diving experiences that will blow your mind! The most talked about dive is Little Komodo where the huge boulders nearly break the surface with soft corals and schools of anthias, damsel fish, fusilier. Deeper down schools of sweetlips and snapper hang out in the black coral bushes, hunting jacks as well as wobbegong can also be found here. If you are in the mood for some macro photography this site also offers a chance to check out the baribanti pygmy seahorse as well as nudis and shrimp. If the currents are playing nicely you can gently drift along a beautiful soft coral covered wall and end your dive in Aquarium.

Aquarium is best dived when the waters are nice, calm and glassy on top to make the most of your reflection shots. Its a small dive site but boasts beautiful soft coral bommies and loads of schooling fish.

If you are looking for a little more action then (conditions permitting) you can enjoy a drift dive along the western side of Saruenus island! But beware currents can get crazy with eddies and timing on this dive site is everything! The soft coral gardens cover the wedding cake tiered reef like a carpet and is totally mind blowing! You can often be joined on the dive by giant grouper checking you out as well as schools of fusilier and anthias playing in the current!

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