Dive in Sekotong

    Gili Renggit, Timur (East) Sekotong, Indonesia

    A sloping reef that levels off to about 20 metres, this site is filled with feather stars and soft coral tress. Look out for mantis shrimp, turtles, ornate ghost pipefish, nudibranchs, gobies and porcelain crabs. At about 17m, there are patches of snow white anemonies.

    Gili Renggit, Barat (West) Sekotong, Indonesia

    This site has a steep sloping reef of soft corals that level off to a sandy bottom. Look out for turtles and lobsters under the rocky ledges and among the usual suspects of Moorish idols, wrasses, sweetlips and moray eels. There are huge fields of Staghorn corals in the shallows.

    Whip point, Gili Renggit… Sekotong, Indonesia

    This site has an impressive array of hard corals. The table corals here are HUGE and entirely intact. Look under them for stingrays, sharks and turtles taking a snooze.

    Secret Garden, Gili Layar Sekotong, Indonesia

    A gentle sloping reef filled with soft corals, huge barrel sponges and whip corals with squat lobsters, gobies, xeno crabs and Zanzibar shrimp. Another highlight is the profusion of tiny yellow sea cucumbers. In the shallows are hard coral and rock formations.

    Will's Beach Sekotong, Indonesia

    This site is a favourite among macro photographers for the huge variety of creatures found here. This gentle, sandy slope is covered with nudibranchs, flounders, puffers, skeleton shrimp, robust, halimeda and rough snout ghost pipefish, tozeuma shrimp, Zanzibar shrimp, flying gurnards, mimic and…

    Medang Barat Sekotong, Indonesia

    Currents can be strong at this site, so a negative entry is recommended here. When you descend quickly, the depth levels off to about 30 metres. Garden eels make their home on the sand amongst the rocky outcrops. Look under the ledges for turtles, rays and sharks. There are huge fans here and around…

    Sunken island Sekotong, Indonesia

    Like the name suggests, this site gently slopes to about 25 metres. When visibility is good, the place looks like a manicured garden with pristine, intact hard and soft corals. Here you will find nudibranchs, crabs, mantis shrimp, stingrays, sharks, eagle rays, turtles, octopuses and cuttlefish.

    Gili Kura Kura, barat (West) Sekotong, Indonesia

    A great place to go to for newbies. This site is shallow with hardly any current. Swim with the usual reef fish like Moorish idols, wrasses and anthias. Watch out for the fire coral, though. This site is even better as a night dive. Basket stars, spider and porcelain crabs, ornate and robust ghost…

    Nudie slope, Gili Poh Barat… Sekotong, Indonesia

    This is a rubble slope that has more then meets the eye. If Gili Renggit Timur is filled with feather stars, this site is filled with hard, disc-shaped corals. Look out for nudibranchs and all kinds of shrimp and crabs among them. Watch out for octopuses, hermit crabs, Saron shrimp, harlequin…

    Batu Gendang Sekotong, Indonesia

    Only for highly experienced divers, this site is tide dependent and reef hooks are recommended. Watch for angelfish, batfish, bumphead parrotfish, sweetlips, turtles sharks and eagle rays.

    Gili Gelong (Monkey Island) Sekotong, Indonesia

    This site has a rubble and sandy bottom that is home to a variety of mantis shrimp, ribbon eels, shrimp fish, cuttlefish, anemone crabs and shrimp. Look in the crinoids for snapping shrimp and whip corals for Zanzibar shrimp.