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Sekotong, Lombok

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Scuba Diving Lombok and diving southern Gilis...
Lombok, with the fabled Gili Islands drawing visitors for action both in and out of the water also the the south Gilis are a magnet for scuba divers and surfers. Described by some as the Bali of twenty years ago, South Lombok is much more than that! Uncommercialized with small tourist developments, South Lombok offers a friendly atmosphere for a truly relaxing holiday.

South Lombok is uncommon amongst the other dive locations around Lombok and new dive sites offer even the well-travelled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience! The great variety of dive sites offers exciting diving for all levels of training.

Sekotong - relaxed reef diving and big macro fun!
Scuba diving Sekotong, relaxed diving and plentiful macro life. The sea is fairly shallow, visibility never crystal clear but this doesn't affect the caliber of the dive sites. Reefs full of bright soft corals and colorful crinoids harboring an amazing variety of rare marine life, including Ghost Pipe Fish, seahorses and much more.

Belongas Bay - challenging diving with big rewards!
Scuba diving in Belongas Bay (Blongas) ranges from exciting to challenging "adrenalin dives" and the seasonable sighting of pelagic life is fairly regular. Apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season in September, hammerheads have the tendency to school end June till end October.

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Scuba Diving Lombok and South Gillis since 2005... In 2005 we discovered South Lombok for spectacular scuba diving from relaxed reef diving in Sekotong till exciting "adrenalin dives" in Belongas Bay. Scuba diving Lombok presents itself as a distinct experience at exclusive dive sites and a surprising and worthwhile experience! Unique South Lombok - enjoy a scuba experience of a lifetime! Lombok's south coast offers every scuba diver his individual dive adventure from relaxed scuba diving in Sekotong, to exciting "adrenalin dives" with schooling eagle rays and hammerhead sharks in Belongas Bay. The south coast of Lombok offers a highlight for every scuba diver and many dive sites for all levels of experience!

  • DiveZone Lombok, Scuba Diving South Lombok since 2005

    DiveZone Lombok, Scuba Diving South Lombok since 2005

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