Dive in Le Croisic - Portnichet


    Le Ville de Rochefort Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Ville de Rochefort was sunk in 1933, hit by a british vessel. This cargo is 90m long. Two large anchors at the bow, a spare wheel on the front deck.

    Ouest Four Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    Viz was 10m+ which is excellent for the area.

    Port au Roc Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    This is not the greatest dive in Brittany. Yet, is it a very easy one that can be done at naytime of the year as the area is well protected (very rare around here !). This a macro photography dive site. Do not expect to see anything bigger than your hand.

    The Laos Wreck Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Laos was 135m long French steamer. It sunk february 8th 1907, broken into two parts. The wreck is broken but the pow still remains nice.