Dive in Brittany South

    La Meuse Douarnenez, France

    Two other wrecks near by: La Perle and Le Castel-Meur.Warship vessel type: French Aviso. Sunk probably october 1954 (training target for Jean Bart vesel).Size:- Length: 78m- Width: ~10m

    Alja wreck Glenan, France

    Alja was a 43m long Netherlandish cargo that sank february 18th 1940. The boat is broken in two part; the poop is upside down. The wheel is still out of the sand, as well as the safety wheel.

    An Houarbou Glenan, France


    Sperrbrecher 134 Groix, France

    This ship were built in July 1909 in Bremen and was used as merchand ship untill the war begann in 1939. His role was to escort the U.boat and the ship at the entrance of the Lorient harbor. It was sunk by a british air-raid August 8th, 1944.

    U 171 wreck Groix, France

    Sunk at 13:00 on 9 Oct, 1942 in the Bay of Biscay near Lorient, France, by a British mines. 22 dead and 30 survivors.This is a very good wreck dive.Since 1999 it is forbiden to dive inside the wreck Folowing the demand of the german submarines friendship which want to make a memorial from the…

    Le Ville de Rochefort Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Ville de Rochefort was sunk in 1933, hit by a british vessel. This cargo is 90m long. Two large anchors at the bow, a spare wheel on the front deck.

    Ouest Four Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    Viz was 10m+ which is excellent for the area.

    Port au Roc Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    This is not the greatest dive in Brittany. Yet, is it a very easy one that can be done at naytime of the year as the area is well protected (very rare around here !). This a macro photography dive site. Do not expect to see anything bigger than your hand.

    The Laos Wreck Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Laos was 135m long French steamer. It sunk february 8th 1907, broken into two parts. The wreck is broken but the pow still remains nice.

    Angers Wreck Morbihan gulf, France

    Sunk date: november 4th, 1918Sizes:- Length: 76m- Width: 13m

    Brannech Morbihan gulf, France

    Nice wall full of fish shoals, sponges, gorgonians, etc. End the dive at the sandy dune and the sea-grass field. You may encounter some sepia and se-horses...

    El Houalerez Morbihan gulf, France

    Er Houalerez is a nice shoal. The top is just above the surface, and the max depth around 20-23 m deep (depending on the tide). There is a nice canyon starting at 12 m deep going down to 20 m deep.A multi-level and very colourfull dive with algae forest, octopus, etc.

    Gulf Entrance Drift Dive Morbihan gulf, France

    Ile de la Truie Morbihan gulf, France


    Kerners Morbihan gulf, France


    Le Bugalet Morbihan gulf, France


    Les gorets Morbihan gulf, France

    Thi is the most famous dive site of the Gulf. Best is to dive at high tide. There are a lot of life and a great wall with orange gorgonians.

    The France Wreck Morbihan gulf, France

    La France was a 165m long French cruiser and sunk august 26th, 1922 around 1 am after hurting a reef in La Teignouse strait.

    La Roche Bleue La Roche Bleue, France

    Old flooded stone quarry full of carps and playfull sturgeons.