Dive in Cocos Island

    Hammerhead Shark

    Bajo Alcyone Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    This is the number one spot for hundreds of fish and hammerheads!!be aware of the strong currents in this area.
    Hammerhead Shark

    Dirty Rock Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Hammerhead dive
    School of Jacks

    Isla Manuelita Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    A nice drift dive with big schools of jacks, turtles, wahoo, sharks, mantas, eagle and marble rays and many more big fish.Strong currents so advanced divers only.
    Sharks Resting

    Punta Maria Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Descend onto an underwater mountain starting at a depth of 20 meters (65 feet). Cruise around the cleaning station to look for Galapagos sharks and hammerheads. White tip sharks are also regular visitors here. Experienced divers only, due to strong currents. Good visibility, usually around 20 meters…
    Rosy Lipped Batfish

    Silverado Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Named because of the silvertip cleaning station, the only one known around Cocos. Look through the corals for cool critters such as jawfish, snake eels, starfish, mantis shrimp and the strange little rosy-lipped batfish, a must see when diving at Cocos Island.