Dive in Cartagena


    Caribaru Cartagena, Colombia

    Niko Cartagena, Colombia

    Maximum diving depth of about 24 m / 80 ft and is suitable for all divers. Visibility is between 10-20 metres and access to the site is by boat.
    School of fish

    Puerto Naito Baru Cartagena, Colombia

    Most centres do cartagena diving excursions to this place, where there are no dangers, there are places that reach 12 metres deep but on average the depth is three meters, excellent visibility.Snorkelling is also good around Puerto Naito.

    Punta Baru Cartagena, Colombia

    Salmedina Cartagena, Colombia

    The place use to have diving clubs and schools.Is a place of archelogic interest.Is a oceanic reef formation with a big underwater plate and rocks, with two wrecks next to the base of a lighthouse.