Dive in Abaco

    Plane Wreck

    Airplane Wreck Abaco, Bahamas

    A small airplane wreck sunk here for snorkellers.

    Atlantis Road Abaco, Bahamas

    Said to be the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis ;-)

    Ben's Blue Hole Abaco, Bahamas

    Black Forest Abaco, Bahamas

    Caribe Breeze Wreck Abaco, Bahamas

    The Caribe Breeze was a 200 ft long oil tanker. It was sunk June 23, 2000. She now sits upright in 70ft.

    Dean's Blue Hole Abaco, Bahamas

    This is the world's deepest blue hole at 663' and is situated in a scenic location on an attractive and reef-protected cove with a white sand beach.The blue hole is immediately off the beach and half surrounded by overgrown beachrock cliffs.It is the location of the establishment of a new world's…

    Glass Window Bridge Abaco, Bahamas

    Large boulders creating cracks, tunels and caves; with large groupers and a great marine life.

    Snowfields Abaco, Bahamas

    Very white sands.Nice, shallow, no-limit dive.I believe it would be a good candidate site for a first-time night diver (training).Not much marine life on our visit, but was told the site is usually more active.This was the 7th mooring and dive site on the Southern Bahamas itinerary for the Nekton…

    The Towers Abaco, Bahamas

    two coral towers rising 23m