Dean's Blue Hole

Abaco, Bahamas

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Ambiance Shoal Cave Deep Reef Lagoon Wall

This is the world's deepest blue hole at 663' and is situated in a scenic location on an attractive and reef-protected cove with a white sand beach. The blue hole is immediately off the beach and half surrounded by overgrown beachrock cliffs. It is the location of the establishment of a new world's freediving record in April, 2007. At the surface the blue hole is about 200' in diameter. It funnels down into a narrower throat about 100' in diameter, opening again with increasing depth (~100) to resemble a bottle of Lancers in profile. Exotic non-native lionfish have been observed frequently in the blue hole environs. Nearby coves also provide Atlantic Ocean side reef/cove diving opportunities. Attached Blue Hole Cove has a scenic arcuate beach and is about half a mile long with a shallow fronting reef. Adjacent Turtle Cove provides a fronting forereef and backreef experience, a deeper channel through the reef and an interesting coral garden, starting just off the beach on the north half of the more than mile long cove.

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