USS New York

Subic Bay, Luzon

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USS New York has been transformed into an artificial reef. The growth of the tourism industry has expanded and Subic Bay has become an upcoming dive vacation location. The New York has become one of the most dived ship wrecks in Asia, given her somewhat shallow depth (18 to 27 meters), ease of access, and proximity to other wrecks and activities. The wreck can be dived by most divers. USS New York, a 8150-ton armored cruiser built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was commissioned in August 1893. She initially served as flagship of the South Atlantic Squadron, then went to the West Indies before joining the European Squadron in 1895. She was in the North Atlantic Squadron when the Spanish-American War began, and was flagship during the Caribbean campaign that led to the Battle of Santiago on 3 July 1898.

From 1898 to 1916, New York served off Latin America, in Asiatic waters, the eastern Pacific, the Atlantic and off Europe. She was renamed Saratoga in 1911. During the First World War, the cruiser was active in both the Pacific and the Atlantic, and was renamed again in 1917, becoming USS Rochester. She remained in the Atlantic after the war, and operating in the Caribbean area until 1932. Rochester was flagship of the Asiatic Fleet in 1932-33, mainly serving in Chinese waters. Decommissioned for the last time in April 1933, she was laid up at Olongapo, Philippines, until scuttled in December 1941 to avoid the risk of capture by the Japanese. (Source: Naval Historical Center)

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