Salut Dropoff

Lombok, Indonesia

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Dive Salut Dropoff


Near Gili Lawang is the drop-off area Salut Drop-off. This is a dive site from 4 until 40 meters deep.

There is a lot of hard and soft coral, like brancish and tabulate coral, in this area, of which 85% is intact. Also you can see a lot of Acropora coral. On the bottom you can see a lot of shrimps and crabs, because around the island is a lot of mangrove. It?s a good place to do a night dive. At Salut Drop-off you can find different kinds of sponge. The current can be quite strong. But you can also see a lot of big fish like Barracuda, Parrot fist and White-Tip Shark. We often survey this area for marine monitoring.

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