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Previously there have only been a few dive sites in Lombok.There has been rapid development of diving tourism in Lombok leading to Bagus Divers discovering and making available new dive sites.Well known sites are all on the north west coast of Lombok..

New choises for Bagus Divers clients include East Lombok and south Lombok (in coperation with Lombok`s biggest dive operator). Bagus divers can also take you adventure diving in Sumbawa. Each dive site has its own highlights.

Reviews (5)

Bronwyn Dajczer October 7th, 2013 - 8:12:
We had a great day of snorkelling off the Gili Islands with Bagus Divers. We were a small party of 6, with some others just enjoying some island time. The others in our party were all diving, some for the first time. We had a brilliant time. The staff were more than helpful, friendly, great for a laugh and made us snorkelers feel very safe. They even rescued my husband's blown away hat! The trip home was hilarious, lots of large waves and we were all thoroughly wet by the time we got to the harbour. In the warm, humid conditions and the happiness of the locals this all just added to the wonderful experience. We'd recommend this service to anyone.
Kevin March 6th, 2012 - 0:02:
I have to say that I think Filip was very unlucky - this does not sound like the Bagus I know at all. Perhaps Filip dived with a different franchise to the one I dived with, which is the same one mentioned by Lucy and James in their posts. I dived the Gilis and other locations on the East coast over a two week period with Win and Harpin (who also qualified me in 2010) and they are excellent. Very safe, very conscious of dive intervals and decompression on ascending, very good guides underwater. Maximum depth was 20m, all the kit was good including dive computers and dive boat. We used a traditional outboard powered outrigger about 12m long. Boat in good condition and seaworthy - we hit half-submerged debris which caused heavy damage to an outrigger on one trip, and there was no problem at all. My wife and I are going back to Puri Mas over March/April 2012 and I will certainly be diving with Win and Harpin again.
Lucy October 20th, 2011 - 21:12:
In August 2011 we stayed in Lombok and our hotel organised a Padi dive course for us with a local dive school Bagus Divers. They were great! It was just the two of us in the open water dive course and we had great service all the time. I was very nervous about doing the course but our Dive Master Mr Harpin was very experienced and made me feel at ease right from the get go. Couldn't recommend these guys highly enough! Enjoy your dive.
James September 19th, 2011 - 20:40:
On Lomok we Stayed at the Puri Maas hotel. The Bagus diving centre picked us up each day from the hotel in air conditioned minibuses. Our guide's name was 'Win'. He was very helpful with competent English. We did our Padi open water diving course with the Bagus dive team and we were very happy with the level of knowledge and experience. Our instructor's name was Mr Harpin (the spelling may not be exact). Overall the team of staff were friendly, helpful and the dives themselves were great. Contrary to the other review on this site we they were very safety aware. Our guide did the precautionary decompression stops, referring to dive computers and checking air levels etc. I would recommend diving with Bagus diving to anyone. The boats we travelled on were small wooden boats but they were sturdy enough. Even on one day when the waves were quite large we always felt safe. I read another very negative review and I find it hard to believe. Our experience was excellent I would recommend diving with Win or Mr Harpin to anyone.
Filip January 8th, 2011 - 15:38:
On our holiday in Lombok we had contacted Bagus Divers and were ready to dive Gili Sulat and Gili Lawang in the East of Lombok. After breakfast we were picked up and were off to the little local harbor where the boat was waiting for us. Our boat was actually a tiny sampan with outriggers. When we left we realized there were 7 adults, a little kid, 12 tanks and all our diving equipment on one little boat! Way to many people!! Our dive guide didn’t have a clue what was going on. Dive brieving was non-existant. The only thing he said was max depth 15m, OK? Under the water he looked like he just finished his Open Water Course. The whole dive he was skip breathing and clinging on to his inflatorhose for dear life. He showed us exactly one thing, a scorpionfish, which he almost landed on and it was probably for him his first time he’d seen one. When he asked my girlfriend how long we’ve been under the water we realized the guy didn’t even have a watch let alone a dive computer. Our dive guide brought also 3 trainees who would do 1 dive each. The whole dive they yo-yo’ed up and down without any help from their diveguide whatsoever. What could you expect if your rolemodel looks like a fish out of the water in the water. Signals he had never heard of. So when we came up after 50 mins our dive guide had 50 bar left in his tank, so he said. This guy was a danger to himself and his trainees. If it depended on him, we would have gone immediately in the water for the second dive. Surface interval? What’s a surface interval. There were mumbles around the boat about nitrogen between the guys. Our dive guide thanked us to remind him about this important diving fact. If it wasn’t for us their would have never been a 60 mins surface interval. We made sure our dive guide and his trainee survived the second dive and that they did their 3 mins safety stop. Probably something they’d never heard of, especially when you don’t have a time piece or computer. And then, just after we came up, there was the grand finale of the day. We were swimming back towards the boat when we saw it all happening. The whole boat crew leaned over to one side for whatever reason we don’t know but it definitely created a little bit of a problem. In fact the whole boat capsized and it was then that everybody on the boat tried to save it by all jumping of at the same time from the same side. Result ...... the whole boat ended up upside down in the water. 2 tanks went overboard straight to the bottom together with masks and snorkels, mobile phones, camera’s and our lunch for the day. A couple of mango’s and banana’s floated towards us while we were beholding the surreality of the situation. Our stuff was luckily safe and dry in our drybag attached to the boat. In the end we got the boat back floating again, retrieved its tanks from the bottom and another fishing boat towed us back to the mainland. They offered us to do the 3rd dive from the beach but by then we’ve seen enough. No thank you, it was definitely time go and say our goodbyes. So what about the diving itself? I have to say. It has been a long time since i’ve seen so many different cool nudi’s on one dive site. Together with lots of cool shrimps and crabs it was definitely a great spot for macro. The corals were in most of the area in very good condition but the fishlife was not what I expected. Not that much abundance. And the mangroves affected the visibility in this area. The first dive was a kind of slopey wall that went down to about 35m. The second dive was a slope that ended in a sandy plain at about 18m. The whole area was black with vulcanic sand. Nice diving, I really enjoyed it but I wished that we could do it over again with a guide who really knows the area and who actually can dive. They shouldn't be allowed in the water. Even after our day of diving they tried to make us pay for the transport back to town knowing that this was already included in the price we agreed on before. They should have actually offered us a reduction after such a disasterious day of diving. Bagus Divers .... avoid them at al cost!!! Luckily we are instructor and divemaster but people with less dive experience could actually risk their lifes diving with them!!!!

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