Nenge Kandu

Mulaku Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Nenge Kandu

Reef Drift Wall

In Mulaku Atoll, the second channel south of Thuvaru island is this kandu, with excellent coral growt and a great completely vertical wall that starts at 5m and ends at 30, and more than 200m long, making it a easy and great drift.
The colours of the wall are just amazing, the soft corals cover the full rainbow, and it is improved when the school of rainbow runners pass through. Along the wall there are a few big caves, aligned with the soft coral line. One has a swim through at 23m and the other one is like a mouth with a huge pillar inside, like a tonsil.
With ingoing current, the outside is the best point to start. Here there are giant trevally, long-nose emperor, red bass and other pelagic. The size and variety of sea fans is also worth contemplation. After the drift is possible to go to shallower depths at the end of the corner and enjoy the rest of the corals of the dive site. Best as the first dive, as it will require as much bottom time as possible, and also the light will be the best.

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