Kuda Haa

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Kuda Haa

Cave Reef Wall

Kuda Haa is a small thila with two main pinnacles, one that starts at 6m and the other ona at 14m. On the reef top there are many diverse species of damselfish and parrotfish, and swimming around schools of basslet and bluestripped snapper. Scorpionfish can be found mimetized on the top as well. At the end of the north side there is a cave at 25 to 30m deep that is full with black coral trees covered by oyster shells. Next to the cave there is a sandy bottom with lots of shrimp goby. These gobys guard the hole while the shrimp makes it bigger making it a worth to see scene. Current can be strong and there are not many covered places to shelter.

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