North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Furana

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On the west side of Furanafushi there are these three dive sites, from north to south: Furana Thila, north and south.
The thila is very interesting with ingoing current, always during south west monsoon where eagle rays, nurse sharks and even mantas can be found here. About 100m south there is Furana North, where whale sharks can be found from may to november. After staying some time in the thila, starting at 8m, is easy to drft away to Kanduoiygiri and do a long safety stop enjoying the reef top.
In Furana south the life is similar to north, but the reef top is even more beautiful, so the best diving is from 5 to 20m. If the current is incoming, grey reef sharks and eagle rays are common. Also is possible to spot whale shark during SW monsoon and even dolphins. If the current is too strong, is possible to drift to Kuda Kalhi. This area is very busy with a lot of boat traffic in the surface, so a safety balloon is needed.

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