Dhigu Thila

South Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Dhigu Thila

Big Fishes Drift Wall

Long thila in the middle of Gulhee Dhekunu Kandu, also known as Bushy Thila. The top is flat at 15m and usually is hit by strong currents. Outside the thila, at 25 - 30m there is sandy bottom, so is better to stay around it. Nice soft coral inside cavities along the wall of the thila. With outgoiung currents, a funnel effect is created that flushes away all the organic material from inside the atoll. Is on these moments when mantas take the chance to feed. This is why the east part of the thila and all across the channel is know as Manta Point.
If the current is not really strong, there are not many chances to see the mantas, but still the life around is very good and is easy to swim all the perimeter of the thila.

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