Dive in Pandan Island

Diving in Pandan Island

Pandan Island is fairly remote and located on the West coast of Mindoro Occidental.

There are a few dive spots around Pandan Island where turtles can commonly be found amongst a variety of schooling fish. However, the main diving attraction from Pandan is its proximity to the spectacular Apo Reef. Apo Reef is a world famous marine park, frequently published in dive magazines as a place where an extensive wealth of marine life can be found; ranging from great macro photography opportunities to schools of large pelagic fish including many species of shark, barracuda and manta rays. This marine sanctuary is only a three hour boat ride from Pandan Island do ideal for day trips; although live-a-boards are also offered.

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Pandan Island
Pandan Island is a small private island with its own little beach resort, a perfect Robinson place for nature lovers, bon vivants and scuba divers. Located two kilometers off the west coast of Mindoro Island, central Philippines, Pandan Island offers scuba diving at it's finest, a back to nature atmosphere, lots of privacy and the peaceful culture of a small international community.