Dive in Mahahual

Diving packages in Mahahual

2 Tank Banco Chinchorro Dive Excursion

2 Tank, full day dive excursion to the Banco Chinchorro National Park inlcudes diving gear, drinks and lunch on the boat and entrance to National Park. Visit to the main island and and a fisherman shack.

2 Tank Shoredive Mahahual

2 Tank Shoredive Mahahual. Includes all dive gear, drinks and snacks on the boat. Dive computers are subject to extra charge. Dive will be guided by either a Dive Instructor or Dive Master.

Dives in Mahahual

Mahahual is a small fishing village located 280 km south of Playa del Carmen (Mexico), in the so-called Costa Maya, near the border with Belize. This quiet town is famous for its nearly two kilometers of seawall, full of bars, restaurants and bars that give real taste to idyllic sandy beaches, exotic palm trees and crystal clear waters. A natural paradise through which pass, to just a few hundred…

Diving in Banco Chinchorro

Biosphere Reserve Banco Chinchorro Mahahual is the gateway to the best preserved and least known coral atoll Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve and diving area around Mexico and also ship graveyard, paradise of divers, animal shelter threatened underwater garden rich fishing area (there is a colony of fishermen living in houses on stilts over the sea).From Mahahual between an hour and a half and…

Diving Xcalak

You can dive Xcalak reefs Mahahual easily. Xcalak is another marine reserve where elkhorn coral (protected species) abound, banks shad up to two meters in length, nurse sharks, etc. This privileged area of dives also has a very scenic dive dominated by a cheapish landscape where caves and caverns filled with narrow passages and long fireplaces abound. Dolphins, whales and manatees are also…

Diving in Mahahual

Morena Punta Tam

Travel to Mahahual

This small fishing village on the Caribbean Sea is a 5 hour bus ride from Cancun or 2.5 hour trip from Chetumal, or easily accessible by car along highway 307 if you prefer to drive.

There are two parts to the town: the old town and the port.  The port receives thousands of people from the cruise ships docking here so it can get a little hectic but they mostly stay in the port and don’t venture into the town.  If you are arriving on a cruise ship, catch a taxi to the main town for $3 one way, as everything in town is half the price as on the port. 

There’s a great selection of bars and restaurants along the beach; the food is inexpensive and very tasty and the view is sensational.  Accommodation can be found for about $50 a night for a double room, but a lot of resorts have popped up if you’re after something more luxurious.  

Mahahual was devastated by Hurricane Dean in 2007 but is recovering nicely and attracts a small amount of tourist looking to visit Banco Chinchorro or the great unspoilt diving and snorkelling around the area.  There’s diving here for all skill levels. 

There are around 14 dives sites.  The most interesting site of the shore of Mahahual is Escalones where you might see groups of turtles and eagle rays.  Dos Ojos is two big sandy areas and shallow so it’s great for an intro dive.  Other sites include Faro Viejo, Punta Rio Bermejo and Punta Tam.  

The water is very clear most of the year and whether you choose diving or snorkelling you’re sure to see beautiful reef fish and pristine coral in abundance.  Relax on the beach, try some fly fishing or a sunset cruise for something different.

(by Kelly Luckman)


  • Rio Huax

    Rio Huax
  • Morena Punta Tam

    Morena Punta Tam
  • Norma Pancorbo Instructora.

    Norma Pancorbo Instructora.
  • Mahahual diving

    Mahahual diving
  • Nuestra embarcación Kraken para los buceos locales con capacidad para 8 buzos.

    Nuestra embarcación Kraken para los buceos locales con capacidad para 8 buzos.
  • Candelabros en Chinchorrito

    Candelabros en Chinchorrito
  • Nuestra embarcación Calipso para buceos locales y visitar la reserva de banco chinchorro.

    Nuestra embarcación Calipso para buceos locales y visitar la reserva de banco chinchorro.
  • Mahahual dive centre.

    Mahahual dive centre.
  • Chinchorrito

  • Sergi Arnal Instructor de reabreathers.

    Sergi Arnal Instructor de reabreathers.
  • Jorge Zamora Instructor y fotógrafo submarino.

    Jorge Zamora Instructor y fotógrafo submarino.