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Cancun offers wreck diving that can be the most challenging as well as one of the your most rewarding dives. . Our highly experienced guides will make this an exciting dive as well as a safe one.Wrecks are colonized by Barracudas , giant groupers and different species of large fish; as well as the annual visit of eagle rays that migrate in the winter months. It is an excellent deep…

Diving Xcalak

You can dive Xcalak reefs Mahahual easily. Xcalak is another marine reserve where elkhorn coral (protected species) abound, banks shad up to two meters in length, nurse sharks, etc. This privileged area of dives also has a very scenic dive dominated by a cheapish landscape where caves and caverns filled with narrow passages and long fireplaces abound. Dolphins, whales and manatees are also…

Discover Playa's reefs

Join us for a two-tank excursion on the local reefs in Playa del Carmen. If you haven't been in the water for a while or just want to dive, this is the way to go. The morning reefs are deeper dives (ranging from 15m/45ft to 30m/90 ft) and in the afternoon we get to explore the shallow reefs around Playa (12-15m/36-45ft).You can choose to dive from 8am-12 or 1pm-4pm.Includes BCD, regulators,…

TDI Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave Diver Training

For divers with a minimum of 50 logged dives.During the Cavern, Intro to Cave and Full Cave Diving courses you will learn and practice all Cave Diving techniques and procedures. Training is done in Sidemount configuration. The course is performance based and performance requirements must be met in order to get certified. 8 Days of training with transportation from Dive Center.Technical diving gear…
1 600 $ More Information

Discover Scuba Diving

Wanting to try scuba diving. Here is your chance. This course teaches you the basics and lets you get started in exploring the underwater world. We will take you out and give you the proper instruction and take you out on a tour of our beach training site. This includes all equipment needed and beach fees. You will learn from our PADI Master Instructor and he will show you all you need to know to…
Akumal Beach

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Off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsular stretching past Belize and on towards Honduras is the Great Mayan or Meso American Reef, at almost 750 miles the worlds second longest reef, comprised of coral atolls, fringing reefs, barrier reefs and large coral gardens. The warm, clear Caribbean waters and bountiful coral in gorgeous formations make this spot a magnet for both marine life, such as dolphins, sharks, shellfish, sea horses, and sea turtles and for divers and snorkelers. There are over one hundred different coral species that make up the reef, the harder corals adding to the skeleton and extending upwards and outwards and the soft corals making for an attractive backdrop to watch more than 500 different species of fish.

There are too many choices for divers and snorklers with something to appeal to everyone from pirate shipwrecks to shallow coral gardens to limestone tunnels and subterranean rivers which feed into the sea creating really unusual diving experiences. The Isla Mujeres on the Cancun end of the reef has huge protected lagoon which has been made into a marine park which is great for new divers and snorklers and just north of the island is the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, a local favourite and a good place to see sharks at their most passive due to low salt levels in the water.


  • Map Cenote Angelita

    Map Cenote Angelita
  • Casa Cenote

    Casa Cenote
  • Tulum Ruins Beach

    Tulum Ruins Beach
  • Chichen Itza

    Chichen Itza
  • Giant Moray Eel

    Giant Moray Eel
  • Cenote Piste

    Cenote Piste
  • Chichen

  • Cenote Dos Ojos

    Cenote Dos Ojos
  • The Fifth Avenue, la Quinta, Pedestrian street

    The Fifth Avenue, la Quinta, Pedestrian street
  • scorpion fish

    scorpion fish
  • Ruin and Cenote

    Ruin and Cenote
  • Dive site : Paraiso

    Dive site : Paraiso
  • Tulum Beach

    Tulum Beach
  • Tulum Ruins

    Tulum Ruins
  • Tulum Ruins

    Tulum Ruins
  • Tulum Ruins

    Tulum Ruins
  • Dos Ojos Cenotes

    Dos Ojos Cenotes
  • Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle
  • Tulum

  • Tortuga Reef

    Tortuga Reef
  • cenote carwash

    cenote carwash
  • Monument to scuba divers on the main road in San Miguel

    Monument to scuba divers on the main road in San Miguel
  • Cenote Car Wash

    Cenote Car Wash
  • Endemic Fish of Cozumel Island : Toad Fish

    Endemic Fish of Cozumel Island : Toad Fish
  • Akumal Beach

    Akumal Beach