Dive in Sydney

Diving in Sydney

A lot of people don’t realise there’s some great diving off the coast of Sydney, most of them within a few hours from the shore making it a great day trip for a couple of dive, more if you have a few days spare. 

There are a few dive centres in the centre of town, one in Bondi Junction and a couple in the outer suburbs.  There are dives available for all levels with about 40 dive sites in the area and some cool wrecks to explore.  You can even take a week on a liveaboard to really appreciate all the sites.

There is a diverse amount of sea life in the harbour and studies have shown that Sydney ’s Harbour has more species than any other harbour in the world.  With over 600 different marine animals and loads of corals and sponges, you’re sure to see something interesting on your dive.  Weedy Seadragons are very rare and the thing to look out for.  Interesting nudibranchs are common; also seahorses, rays, sharks, groupers, morays, cuttlefish, crabs and the normal reef fish are abundant.

Bare Island is one of the most popular dives in the area for all levels.  Keep an eye out for that illusive Weedy Seadragon on the western side!  North Bondi has a couple of great caves to explore and macro photography enthusiasts will enjoy this dive.  You can meet the resident Blue Grouper called Bluey on this site. 

Spot a shark or two at Shark Point and the wonderful Grey Nurse Shark at Magic Point, some big rays at Gordon’s Bay or seahorses and the amazing Blue-Ringed Octopus at Camp Cove. Open water divers can enjoy the wreck The Centurion, advanced divers can try The Valiant or The Duckenfield wrecks.

Get away from the big city and enjoy the underwater world in Sydney Harbour .  Be sure to take a trip to see the Humpback Whales if the season is right, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!


(By Kelly Luckman)

Travel to Sydney

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia , Sydney is located on the eastern coast and is the capital of the state New South Wales .  With spectacular sites and home to a vast international population, the city is full of wonderful surprises and will entertain you for weeks with its flair and diversity.

Sydney airport is the gateway to the country with international flights to many airports throughout Asia, North and South America .  From Sydney you can fly to almost every major city with over 50 domestic flights available.  Trains and buses to Sydney are available but remember the country is huge and flying is more economical.

Sydney is a very expensive city but there are a few budget options available in hotels in the centre, which is definitely the place you want to stay if you’re a tourist.  Dorm beds start at about $20 a night, a double room is about $45 up to 5 star hotels from $120.  Be careful about staying in some of the outer suburbs as safety can be an issue.

Some of the Australia ’s most famous sites are in Sydney , the most popular being the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  For a very special experience, try to catch a show at the Opera House or climb the bridge at sunset or at night.  Diving and snorkelling is available close to the city’s coastline and in season don’t miss the opportunity to go whale watching and see the amazing Humpback Whales.

Head to Bondi Beach to catch some sun and play in the waves.  Be very careful of the RIP currents, always follow the signs and swim between the flags.  Take a stroll along the Manly Scenic Walkway to feel like you’re in the bush in the middle of the city or climb the Sydney Tower to get a fantastic view of the area.  The Art Gallery of New South Wales is a great place to view Aboriginal art. 

For a delicious seafood meal enjoy one of the many restaurants along Circular Quay or head to China Town to tantalise your taste buds and see a truly different side of the city.  For a great night out head to the bars and nightclubs in Darlinghurst, Surry Hills or King’s Cross.  Always be careful of your valuables, especially when trying to get home in the early hours of the morning.

You’ll never be stuck for things to do in Sydney ; it’s a city full of international and cosmopolitan experiences and wonderful sites to see.


(By Kelly Luckman)



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