The Duckenfield

Sydney, New South Wales

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In May 1889 the 14 year old struck the lee side of Long Reef enroute to Sydney from Newcastle. The crew abandoned ship within minutes while the vessel still lay on the reef. The remains of the vessel lie in 23-24m of water on a vast area flat reef that dominates this segment of coastline. It is located approximately 1.5nm from the Long Reef boat ramp. The 'Duckenfield' site has a great variety of visual interest - anchors, propeller, davits, rudder, winches, copper ingots, boiler, donkey boiler and the quite dominating presence of the upright compound steam engine. It is highly accessible to divers, of reasonable depth and in an area, which generally has relatively high visibility and minimal current. The wreck is very interesting, and can easily be seen in one dive given its 23m maximum depth.

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