Dive in Fort Lauderdale


    Capt Dan Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This ship was a Coast Guard buoy tender Hollyhock. It was sunk as an artificial reef February, 20 1990 in memory of Captain Dan Garnsey.She now lies upright in 110 feet. The wheelhouse is 70 feet and her deck is at 90 feet. She is intact with large access holes providing certified wreck divers easy…

    Ancient Mariner Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This is a beautiful wreck dive off the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale coast of Florida.It's worth diving because it is a recreational dive and contains plenty of coral and fish.Ancient Mariner is oned for your diving log.Sunk in 1991 as an artificial reef.

    Angel's Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Two angels statues were sunk here.

    Bill Boyd Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The Bill Boyd is a deep dive only for Technical divers.The coral and fish of the wreck are great.Depth limits the bottom time, but it's worth diving this deep.She is a 211 foot German freighter (built in Hamburg in 1964) that was sunk as an artificial reef on July 18, 1986. Today she sits upright in…

    Commercial Pier Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA

    SS Copenhagen Plaque

    Copenhagen Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    "The 325-foot single screw steamer Copenhagen was built in 1898 just two years before she ran aground on the rock ledge out from Pompano. She was caring a cargo of coal to Havana at the time of mishap. This is one of Florida's favorite historical shipwreck dives. On May 20 1900, the vessel had…

    Dania Erojacks Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA


    Deerfield Beach North Rocks Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Fun Beach Dive. Parking is a pain so plan on a drop off and a good walk.

    Guy Harvey Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Ex-Haitian freighter "Lady Kimberly" 185-foot long.Renamed in honor of jamaican marine life artist Guy Harvey.Sunk in 1997as an artificial reef.

    Hall Of Fame Moorings Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Many ledge and undercuts with great sealife.

    Hog Heaven Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Hog Heaven is a 180-foot barge that flipped upside down while being deployed as an artificial reef. It was sunk in 1996.Nearby:- 30 feet north are the remains of the Pacific Reef Lighthouse, and a small sail boat- 200 feet NNe rests the 120-foot barge Wayne in 70 feet of water

    Hydro Atlantic Fort Lauderdale, USA

    One of the best dive of the coast, for experienced divers only!

    Jim Atria Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This 240-foot Dutch freighter was built in 1961.

    Lighthouse Ledge Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Lowrance Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Giant wreck (420 feet long with a 55 foot beam). Sunk March 31, 1984.Sits upright.

    Marriott Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA


    Mercedes I Fort Lauderdale, USA

    She was originally built in 1951 and called the Jacob Rusch. This 198-foot freighter was sunk as an artificial reef site off Fort Lauderdale on March 30, 1985.The Mercedes is the most famous wrecks off the east coast of Florida.

    Miracle of Life Shipwreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    A 170-foot off-shore supply Vessel was sunk in 142 feet of water on June, 06 2009. It was sunk as an artificial reef, most of its superstructure has been dismantled or cut away to make safe for divers. The top of wheelhouse is about 100 feet and next level where the statue of angel 14 feet tall…

    Noula Express Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Stern is almost over the third reef at deep maximum of 65 feet (19 Meters ) and I am guessing that this wreck is went down about four years ago. Some penetration to wreck is possible with proper training, some fishes on wreck like smalls Hog fish, jakes, barracudas and tropical fish but nothing…

    Rodeo 25 Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The Rodeo 25 is a great wreck of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.Nice soft corals adorn the wreck and fish are plentiful.The Rodeo 25 is among the more famous dive sites of the area.Big fish are also seen and petite fish are around the nooks and crannies of the wreck.

    RSB-1 Fort Lauderdale, USA

    160-foot US tender,sunk in May 14 1994

    Sea Emperor Fort Lauderdale, USA

    171-foot wreck

    Tenneco Towers Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Tenneco Towers, were placed at their current location in October, 1985. This is one of the most popular dives on the southeast coast.The oil rigs were originally used in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration. Tenneco Oil Co. transported the one time oil platform by barge around the Florida…

    Tracy Fort Lauderdale, USA

    132-foot oil rig supply boat sunk in 1999 as an artificial reef.

    United Caribbean Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Nice small wreck dive.Large school of Jew Fish and the same Eel from the Sea Emperor came to visit.Ship rests East/West and is in the same neighborhood as the Sea Emperor and Noula Express.Would be fun to do a little navigation adventure if the current is weak enough.