Dive in Pattaya

    HTMS Khram Pattaya, Thailand

    Donated by the Thai Navy, and sunk on 30 January 2003 to provide an artificial reef, the ship lies between the depths of 15-30m. The HTMS Khram is teeming with marine life, large schools of Barracudas, Bat Fish, Jacks, Scorpion Fish, shrimps and crab. The soft corals are spectacular and the surface…

    HTMS Kood Pattaya, Thailand

    The sister ship of the HTMS Khram, also donated by the Thai Navy, sunk to create an artificial reef on 17 September 2006 in honor of the King of Thailand's 60th year on the throne. Although the Kood is pretty much identical to the Khram it offers a much more challenging dive site. The thai navy in…

    Ko Rin Pattaya, Thailand

    Nice coral dive. The viz here is much better than in Pattaya. Good Drift Dive

    Koh Man Wichai Pattaya, Thailand

    Great dive on Pattaya far islands - quiet & lightly dived. Nice wall at 10 -12m.

    Pak-1 wreck Pattaya, Thailand

    The Koho Maru-5 tanker sank first Aug 25, 1996, 50 kilometers west of Koh Chang. It was named Vertical wreck cos of its wired position (from 5m to 60m deep).Due to the danger of this wreck in shipping lanes, it was moved in 2003 by the Thai Navy. It's no longer a vertical wreck, and the viz is quite…

    Petchbury Bremen wreck Pattaya, Thailand

    The 60m steel freighter Petchbury Bremen sank in 1930 (a fire broke out in the midships engine room, and the vessel exploded). She lies upright in 60m of water. A very damaged wreck.

    SS Suddhadib Pattaya, Thailand

    Suddhadib was a steamship built in 1918. She was bombed 1st of June, 1945 by the RAF 159th bomber group.This is a nice wreck, lying on her portside. The wreck is very colorfull, covered by soft corals, encrusting sponges and sea whips.Dive Hardeep wreck only during slack tides!
    Cargo Bay

    Hardeep / Suddhabid Pattaya, Thailand

    A WWII Wreck, the Hardeep formerly known as ‘Suddhabid’ was used by the Japanese to carry freight. The 80m ship was sunk as a result of a bombing raid by the RAF on 1st May 1941. Now the entire structure of the wreck is encrusted in heavy coral growth and makes a lovely 'cavern' dive.…

    Koh Sak East Pattaya, Thailand

    koh sak east can be enjoyed as a shallow dive and if preferred the diver can go deeper to look for sharks

    Hin Chalam, Pattaya, Thailand Pattaya, Thailand

    It looks like a big rock, but under water it is a beautiful dive site for every level.

    Koh Sak West /Artificial Reef Pattaya, Thailand

    New site built using concrete cubes.Attracts a variety of life at different time os the year.Interesting coral nursery to be found there.

    HTMS Mataphong, pattaya… Pattaya, Thailand

    Wreck in pattayaHTMS Mataphon (before USS LCT-1260)Type: Landing Craft TankBuilt: 1944 - Quincy Barge Builders, USALaunched: 29/07/1944Weight: 160 tonsDimensions: 36.3 million long, 9.96m wide, 1.02m projectsPower: 3 x gray marine diesel 675hp -Speed: 7 knotsCrew: 12Sank: 20/10/2012 - scuttledDepth:…