Dive in Verde Island

    Verde Island Wall Verde Island, Philippines

    Verde Island Diving is excellent, with warm water, 30m plus on average visibility and good fish and coral life all add up to a world class destination.Depending on state of tide the current on the wall face can be nothing to very strong >3 knts and very easy to miss the duck back around/over the…

    The Washing Machine - Verde… Verde Island, Philippines

    A high-voltage dive made over a series of seven shallow gullies with the current taking your bubbles in all directions, and throwing you around. Requires a good guide and some experience of current diving. Made at slack tide it is an easy dive.

    The Drop Off - Verde Island Verde Island, Philippines

    Pinnacles reach the surface on the East side of Verde Island and drop away to great depths. A vertical reef with some nice gorgonian fans, sea snakes and frogfish and some large pelagic schools. Current can be tricky. Volcanic bubbles rise through the table coral at the safety stop.