Dive in Playa Del Carmen

    Cenote Dos Ojos Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    This is a Cavern Dive...Not a Cave Dive. Crystal fresh water and lots of Stalactites, stalagmites and columns.Good buoyancy required.
    Stalagtites at the cave

    Chac Mool Cenote Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    This is a cenote, essentially a technical dive.Most of the dive is dark, light required.Also there is no open water overhead for most of the dive.We went on a guided dive.There are two cenotes in the immediate area a short walk from parking.It was a fantastic dive with interesting geological…

    Sabalos Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Originally named after the schools of Sabalos/ Tarpon that can still ocasionally been seen here. The reef consists of healthy hard and soft corals of all variations. There are many kinds of fish as well as Starfish on the sand. Near the end of the dive you will find a small cavern for exploration.
    Mama Vina Wreck

    Mama Vina Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    This former shrimp boat was intentionally sunk in 1995 for divers. Since then the coral growth has [proceeded rapidly. Once on the wreck descend to the sand and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern where you will find the propeller. Then move up into the lower decks and…
    Barracuda reef

    Barracuda Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Barracuda is traditionally the second dive after the Tortuga Reef . Picture this reef as a hand with five finger like outcroppings. There are many small holes to explore along the reef and with a sharp eye and some luck you may spot some Barracuda patrolling the reef. Near the end of the dive it is…
    Cenote Carwash

    Cenote Carwash Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Cenote PonDeRosa Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Cenote Taj Mahal Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    beautiful cenote with three rooms in which light enters from above in a beam that leaves you puzzled. Halocline hallucinations

    Chun-zumbul Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Coco Beach Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Jardines Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


    Mamitas Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    For the cooler months of the year between November and March you can experience a shark dive that'll set your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Every day we experienced about ten female Bull Sharks that came in close enough to touch and I have videos to prove it.Just a few hundred metres from the…

    Punta Tunich Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Big grouper and playful green moray eels.

    Tortugas Reef Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Tortugas Reef is one of Playa del Carmen most popular dive site due to the large amount of sea turtles, which live here. The reef is covered by corals and sponges, where it is common to find king crabs, nurse sharks, angelfish, groupers and tarpons among other type of marine life. As a recreational…
    Cerebros Reef

    Cerebros Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Cerebros, meaning 'Brain' in spanish is the Northern most reef. The coral formations at the edge of the reef create a scenic landscape to wander around. Along the middle section and at the end of the reef you will find some beautiful arches to swim through.
    Playa del Carmen Reef

    Pared Verde Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    This famous wall is very different in formation from the classical endless 'drop off' reef. Pared Verde has sections of walls which are split by sloping hills of sand. The spectacular coral formations are full of small and large marine life. Watch out for spiny lobsters, King crabs, turtles, sting…
    Playa del Carmen Reef

    Los Arcos Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Named after its two arches. Los Arcos is a relatively deep dive. The wall sections are 5m (15 ft) in height and are covered with hard corals, sponges and fan corals.On the sandy areas divers can find turtles, groupers and stingrays. The arches shelter schools of fish, Moray eels and many…
    Red sponge

    Punta Venado Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    This amazing dive site is the southern-most reef in the area and is popular for its beautiful soft and hard corals. Punta Venado generally has a moderate to strong current that takes you past the amazing corals, moray eels, turtles, rays and schools of fish. In the winter season (Dec-Mar) you also…

    Bull Shark Dive Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    Bull Shark Dives usually take place in the afternoon from November to February.Although Bull sharks grow slowly, their average size is about 400cm/12ft to 650cm/19ft and they reach a maximum total length of probably 800cm/24ft. It feeds on fishes, other sharks, turtles, birds, invertebrates and even…