Dive in Cancun


    C-58 Wreck Cancun, Mexico

    The C58, also known as General Anaya, is a shipwreck popular with scuba divers. It is located in the Caribbean waters of Mexico, off the coast of Quintana Roo. The ship is a former US navy vessel used as a minesweeper during World War II – originally named the USS Harlequin -- that passed…

    Manchones Cancun, Mexico

    The Manchones Reef is a popular dive spot on Mexico’s Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (also known as the Great Mayan Reef), on the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo.Along with remarkable coral formations and diverse marine life, the Manchones Reef area is also home to MUSA, an underwater sculpture…
    Tunnel in Grampin

    Grampin Cancun, Mexico

    Aristos Cancun, Mexico


    Bandera Reef Cancun, Mexico

    For high advanced level divers, drift dive. Bandera reef is a long coral reef topped with elk horn coral. National park for schools of barracudas, turtles, lumberjacks and pampano swimming over the reef.

    Chitales Cancun, Mexico

    This is a very popular reef of Cancun.

    Cuevas de Afuera Cancun, Mexico

    Diving place where , giant sea turtles and eagle rays may be seen.

    El Meco Cancun, Mexico

    A great place for learning to dive or just to spend the morning diving and snorkeling.There are companies that provide tours via jetski for snorkeling.There have been Turtle, Porpoise and Barracaduda

    El Tunel Cancun, Mexico

    Diving place where medium to strong currents are registered. This is a very large cave (reef like) with fish, turtles and dolphins.

    Herradura Cancun, Mexico

    La Boya de los Locos Cancun, Mexico

    Punta Negra Cancun, Mexico


    San Toribio Cancun, Mexico

    Santo Remedio Cancun, Mexico

    Sleepy Shark Caves Cancun, Mexico

    A famous diving place investigated by Jaques Costeau, who documented this amazing phenomenon; sleeping sharks soaking up fresh water bubbles percolating from below. The species that you could see are: Lemon sharks, Bull sharks, Blacktip sharks, Amberjacks, Manta Rays. Because of the constant…

    Ultrafreeze Wreck Cancun, Mexico

    Ultrafreeze – also known as El Frio -- is a 200-foot long shipwreck in Mexico, off the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo. The vessel was a cargo ship/ tugboat deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef.The hull of Ultrafreeze is virtually intact, and the site is known as afantastic dive in…
    MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) is an underwater museum in the waters surrounding Cancun and Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The project was created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor and consists of 400 permanent life-size sculptures on the ocean floor.Each of the sculptures is made from materials…