Dive in Grand Bay

    3 caves Grand Bay, Mauritius


    Aquarium Grand Bay, Mauritius

    A fairly large reef divided by a sand gully creating an avenue through the reef with 2-3 meter side walls. This site hosts an abundance of fish andcoral life. The sandy bottom giving plenty of light in the crystal clear water. Octopus and moray eels are found in many of the crevasses in the walls.…

    Caravelle Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Chilli Drop Grand Bay, Mauritius


    Confetti Bay Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Coral Garden Grand Bay, Mauritius

    This magnificent site consists of large rock structures forming giant steps, hosting hard and soft corals. In addition to all the typical tropical fish here you'll find larger fish,including spotted eagle ray and southern stingray, nurse sharks, and green murrays;and also gourgonian fan coral is…

    Corsair Wall Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Flat Island Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Poison Reef Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Turtle Point Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Two big turtles were lying on the ground. We passed them and one left slowly, the other one stayed. We saw a third, smaller turtle later on.

    Whale rock Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Whale Rock is a large dive site with an abundance of marine life such as angel fish, butterfly fish, trigger fish, small murenes, parrots, labres and clown fish. Occasionally some of the larger species of fish can be seen such as swordfish and hammerheads.
    Anemones and clowns

    Merville Patches Grand Bay, Mauritius

    Highly recommended for its islands of corals and rich flora and fauna.