Dive in Aqaba


    King Abdullah Reef Aqaba, Jordan

    This is a very good dive site, with less divers than the other dive sites of the area (like the Cedar Pride Wreck). If you can, ask to dive here!
    The Cedar Pride

    Cedar Pride Aqaba, Jordan

    Launched in 1964 at the S.A. Juliana Constructora in Gijon, Spain as the "Mone Dos" this 74 metre long general cargo vessel of 1,161 tons served the Naviera Anzar Shipping Company of Bilboa, until 1969 when she became the "Puerto De Pasajes" , with a further name change in 1978 to the "San Bruno".…

    Aquarium House Reef Aqaba, Jordan

    Black Rock Aqaba, Jordan

    Blue Coral Aqaba, Jordan


    Cazar reef Aqaba, Jordan

    This is a classic dive. Most of night dive are made in this place, cos it is just located in front of the Seastar Watersports.

    Eel Canyon Aqaba, Jordan

    First Bay Aqaba, Jordan

    Gorgone II & III Aqaba, Jordan

    One of the best coral dive... but my preference goes to Gorgone I.

    Gorgone One Aqaba, Jordan

    A common but very nice dive site. Saw a lot of different species. Great for Macro photography!

    Japanese garden Aqaba, Jordan

    First time I went to this place, I missed the reef and found the Cedar Pride wreck ! The reef starts from the poop of the wreck and goes 100m south. It goes easyly down to 35m.Seen species: Great corals, sea grass spots, but no sea horses ! Locals says there are some there...

    Kiwi reef Aqaba, Jordan

    Probably the best dive I've had in Jordan. Ground floor contains grassy sand flats with rocky coral heads spread throughout. You can find every species of the red Sea, going from a pinacle to another. Each pinacle contains different sepecies. It's a must for photographers...Species: Stingrays, moray…

    Oliver's Canyon Aqaba, Jordan

    The canyon is like a large valley, running to 30 m deep by steep-walled. In 6 meters, ner the coast, there is a 'tank' wreck, sunk in 1999 by King Abdullah. This is a Anti-aircraft tracked vehicle shell...

    Saudi border Aqaba, Jordan

    This is an excellent site for diving and snorkeling. Corals are not as nice as some other sites (japaneese garden, kiwi reef, etc.) but some interesting species can be found (saw a hudge spanish dancer)...At the moment and fior the forseeable future it is no longer allowed to dive at the Saudi…

    Taiyong Aqaba, Jordan

    The Taiyong C486B was bought by the port authorities here in 1974 for offloading ships in Aqaba. She is a towed barge with a large crane at her stern above a wheelhouse, also massive winches at the bow and a large hold. She lies on her starboard side facing the shore East. the top edge is 35m to 40m…

    The Gardens Aqaba, Jordan

    Eel Garden Aqaba, Jordan

    A sandy slope home to the Northern Red Sea's largest Garden Eel Colony.Along the slope are many coral pinnacles covered in lots of macro life - like tiny oasis in the desert.Below 20m you also have a thick forest of Black Coral trees, home to seahorses and Shrimp fish.At 9m, there is the most…

    7 Sisters Aqaba, Jordan

    A whole series of great coral pinnacles provides a wonderful shallow dive that you can well over an hour observing the marine life or taking pictures of it. There are two sets of pinnacles - Seven Sisters and the Fairy Ring, each has its own unique ambience. You will find shoals of fusiliers…