Aqaba, Jordan

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Dive Taiyong


The Taiyong C486B was bought by the port authorities here in 1974 for offloading ships in Aqaba. She is a towed barge with a large crane at her stern above a wheelhouse, also massive winches at the bow and a large hold. She lies on her starboard side facing the shore East. the top edge is 35m to 40m and the bottom edge 50m to 55m with a max depth of 57m at the tip of the crane. The crane has prooved a fantastic frame for soft coral growth also large sponges are found here that are nowhere else in the area.

The barge was scuttled in 1999 after the jib was dropped through the bottom of the hold, this was repaired temporarily with a concrete plug but it kept leaking. So it was deemed uneconomical to repair and was scuttled just before the millenium.

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