Dive in Elba Island

    Punta della Madonna Elba Island, Italy

    Capo d Enfola Elba Island, Italy

    First steep drop to 18 m then after a short dive a drop to 45, fan corals, octopusses, moray etc

    Cebello Elba Island, Italy

    Very beautiful fan corals and "mountain" formations.

    Formiche della Zanca Elba Island, Italy

    Nice dive-thru

    Lo scoglietto Elba Island, Italy

    Punta della Zanca Elba Island, Italy

    Rather steep wall, very nice place

    Punta Nera Elba Island, Italy

    The boat anchored in the protection of small rock, one emerges into the open water on a sea grass field to a depth of approx. 13-14m. At the end of the sea grass field, at the point where only sand is, it appears at the edge of the sea grass along the right field. After about 10-15 minutes, do you…

    Santa Lucia Bank Elba Island, Italy

    Scogliafina Elba Island, Italy

    Scoglio del Remaiolo Elba Island, Italy


    Scoglio di Remaiolo East Elba Island, Italy


    Wreck of Pomonte Elba Island, Italy

    I was there off-season, might be more crowded during the summer. Very nice wreck in a very nice spot.

    Leccia Bank Elba Island, Italy

    It's a bank 40 mt. large complete covered by big red and yellow sea fan (Gorgonia). Easy to find lobsters, Mediterranean bamboo shark (Gattuccio), groupers, murray eals and lots of fish on the top of the bank.

    CAPO DI FONZA Elba Island, Italy

    Boat trip approx. 25 minutes. A long pulled drop off. The wall at the east side ends in a depth of 40 m in the sand. In a depth of 28 m there is a small cave with beautiful nice red corals at the ceiling. Very often a Sea eel is seen inside. Outside the cave, around the corner, there are also lots…

    Cannelle Porto Azzurro, Italy

    A famous and beautiful dive.