Dive in Raja Ampat


    Fiabacet Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Fiabacet is a group of 3 dive spots (Fiabacet 1-3) which are around a group of 3 small rock islands.The walls have a dense cover of soft and hard coral, sponges, fans and whip corals. There is a lot of macro life to be discovered, but there is also a lot of fish, turtles,cuttle fish and squids.These…

    Cape Kri Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    It's only 5 minutes away from the resort at the north-easterntip of the island. There are always strong currents at this spotand theusual bunch of predators is passing by or waiting in the blue.We sawduring every dive many dogtooth tunas, jacks, giant trevallies,barracudas,big napoleon wrasses and a…

    Gladden Corner Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Usually can find reeffish such as sweetlips, snapper,butterflyfish. Bigfish like malabar grouper, blacktip shark, barracudas also Bumphead parrot fish. Unusual critter like ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse and colorfush nudibranch.Coral reef is healthy and consist branching coral, massive and foliose…

    The Passage Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    The islands Waigeo and Gam are separated by a passage throughwhich the water rushes depending on the tides in bothdirections. It actuallymakes you feel like diving in a rapid-water river. Theriverbanks arecovered with dense jungle and from below you can see the foliageand theblue sky above you.…

    P47 D-Bomber Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    P47 D-Bomber, Razerblade-Thunderbolt wreck, lies in 30m depth on its back. It is totally encrusted with hard- and soft coral. A dive which is interesting for wreck divers lovers, although the reef is rather poor.

    Wai Island Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    This is a Manta spot in the months of October and November.

    Fam Wall Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    This is another macro heaven for divers who like mock diving. This is a spot for Mandarin fish sighting, always at dusk, when they come out of the coral to perform their mating ritual. You can also see ghost pipe fish, pigmy seahorse, fire shells.. etc.

    Nudibranch Rock Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    It's close to the end of the Passage. You will find more than 20 species of nudibranchs, several species of gobies, pipefish and the occasional wobbegong during a single dive.

    Mike's Point Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    It's a tiny limestone island in the north of Kri. The underwater landscape is very varied. During the dive you follow a wall with overhangs and beautiful gorgonian fans with pigmy seahorses. The dive ends in the shallows in a huge field of staghorn coral and nearby are colourful gorgonians in only 3…

    Mios Kon Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    If you have never seen a wobbegong before, this is the site where you definitely will see one. There are usually several of these rather boring nocturnal sharks laying decoratively on table corals. They only move, when you really come very close. There are big schools of snappers in sheltered parts…

    Chickenreef Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    It's a big reef with several good divespots. Do not look for chickens. The divespot got its name from the nameless diver who took his knife and hid behind a coral bommy when a reef shark appeared. Anyway, this is a good dive with lots of fish and the usual predators waiting in the current.

    Sardines Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Giant schools of fish sometimes swim between the divers so that you will only see fish bodies for a while. Big pelagics like tunas, giant trevallies and reef sharks pass by, while huge schools of humphead parrotfish crack the hardcoral like eating potato chips. There are also some wobbegongs on or…