Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Dive Fiabacet

Big Fishes Wall

Fiabacet is a group of 3 dive spots (Fiabacet 1-3) which are around a group of 3 small rock islands.

The walls have a dense cover of soft and hard coral, sponges, fans and whip corals. There is a lot of macro life to be discovered, but there is also a lot of fish, turtles,cuttle fish and squids.

These reef still look very healthy and are surely amongst the most beautiful in Indonesia or in the world.

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Masyhari May 15th, 2013 - 3:24:
Raja Ampat, I hope someday I can go there. The richest underwater marine live in the world. A lot of macro, manta, coral, fish and many more. But for transportation and accomodation is too expensive. Many tourist is prefer to dive in Bali than raja ampat because Bali is full facilities

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