Dive in Utila

    Airport Caves Utila, Honduras

    West. Airport Caves offers the SCUBA diver many beautiful swim-thrus in the rock formations with great visibility and rich marine life

    Halliburton Utila, Honduras

    The Halliburton was a 100 foot long inter island transport supply vessel. She was sunk in 97 feet of water after being made diver safe as an artificial reef. The Halliburton offers SCUBA divers easy penetration and interesting diving. She is upright

    Aquarium Utila, Honduras

    Black Hills Utila, Honduras

    A sea Mount full of fish

    Blackish Point Utila, Honduras

    Great reef diving with many fish

    Duppy Waters Utila, Honduras

    Lots of everything
    Eagle Ray Alley

    Eagle Ray Alley Utila, Honduras

    Many pretty fish.

    Great Wall Utila, Honduras

    Gorgonians and large barrel sponges are prolific here.

    Jack's Bight Utila, Honduras

    Little Bight Utila, Honduras

    Saw my first sea Horses here in eal grass

    Old House Utila, Honduras

    After dropping down to 132 feet to inspect a rock formation I spotted an Octopus dying at 117 feet.

    Raggedy Cay Utila, Honduras

    Lots of fish and an unusual eel.

    Ships Stern Utila, Honduras

    Great reef diving

    Sting Ray Point Utila, Honduras

    Very pretty reef.

    Ted's Point West Utila, Honduras

    Gorgonians and lots of fish

    The Maze Utila, Honduras

    Swim thrus and lots of fish

    Utila Open Water Utila, Honduras

    Baitfish boils bring in the Whalesharks. Wonderful animals to dive with. You are only allowed to skindive with them so practice holding your breath.Best season to see them is from end of February, Marchand April, and October, November and December. However there have been encounters in all months of…