Dive in Harju


    Bungsberg Harju, Estonia

    BungsbergMax depth:38mDecks:27-33mLength:70mWidth:11mHazards:depth, cold, dark, nets, possibility of penetrationMinimum level:AOWD + Deep Diver specialty.The wreck lays near the island Naissaare on its kel on 38m. Decks are at depth of27-33m. The wreck is in one piece and very well preserved. It was…

    Christine Harju, Estonia

    Decks:24mLength:40mWidth:9,72mHazards:depth, nets, currentMinimum level:AOWD + Deep Diver specialtyFormerly a Dutch fishing trawler (ex Marie, KW 40) was a German Ost-Reval flotilla guardship with the designation ORe-35. In 1943 the germans used the ship to trawl for mines in Tallinn Bay and so it…
    Jaen Teär

    Jaen Teär Harju, Estonia

    Jaen TeärMax depth:39mDecks:34-36mLength:40mWidth:9,72mHazards:nets, depth, darknessMinimum level:AOWD+ deep diverJaen Teär is in Tallinn Bay to the west ofVahe-madal. The sailboat sank in 1944 and was built in Saaremaal in 1926. It sank because the fresh ice in wintertime cut through the hull.…
    MO 4

    MO 4 Harju, Estonia

    MO-4 or the“Malõi Ohotnik” is a fast destroyer with a wooden hull, lowsides and powerful engines. It reached speeds up to 26 knots and was armed with 2x 45mm ja 2x 12,7 mm machine guns. It also carried loads of different bombs and other ammunition. The crew consisted of21 men. It lays on 44m in…

    Raa/Polaris Harju, Estonia

    The sailboat was built in 1917 in Koivisto, Finland . Length of the ship is 32,27m, width is8,67m and draft 3,62m. Displacement was 226 BRT. The sailboat was named “Polaris" until 1938 when it was sold to a shipping company in Estonia called "Raa" . Since there already was a ship named…

    Heino Harju, Estonia

    Tugboat "Heino" (former "General Surovtsev) was built in 1902. in Riga. "Heino" sank on the21st ofnovember 1944 when a magnet mine exploded next to the ship. Three crewmen died. Wreck lies close to the island of Aegna. The explosion has detached a part of engine room wall and captain’s bridge. The…

    Tutti Harju, Estonia

    Tugboat "Tutti" was built in 1898 in Hamburgis for the company called Thomas Clayhill & Sons.Like "Heino" it also sank on the 21st of november 1944 by a magnet mine. One crewmen died because got stuck in the engine room. "Tutti" lies near the islandAegna. It is quite well preserved Even the helm is…

    Iljuša Harju, Estonia

    An “Iljusha” type (Projekt 1427) mine trawler that was sunk by the Soviet army. All deck constructions were removed before the sinking. The wreck is now at 15m on its keel.

    Rummu quarry Harju, Estonia

    Fresh water filled old quarry

    Vanja Harju, Estonia

    A “Vanja” type (Projekt 669) mine trawler sunk by the Soviet army. Forward and middle section damaged by the explosion. Aft section is intact and the wreck lays at 18m on its keel. The ship was made of wood and was powered by two M-870 diesel engines (2400hp) that generated speed up to 14 knots.…

    Wreck"Aid" Harju, Estonia

    Aid, captained by Richard Errington was on her way from Sunderland to Kronstadt when she hit a reef near Hiiumaa in the evening of 9 August 1863. The crew of 8 men was forced to leave the ship and head towards land in boats.The ship repeatedly rammed the seabed and obtained a huge leakage. The…

    Submarine "Akula" Harju, Estonia

    Akula was a submarine built for the Imperial Russian Navy. Akula saw service during World War I and sank in November 1915 after hitting a naval mine.Initially the boat was to use petrol engines but these were replaced by safer diesels. The boat's design was a single hull/ saddle tank type with a…

    Wreck"Altair" Harju, Estonia

    The German North Sea fishing trawler was built in Papenburg at Jos. L. Meyer Shipyard in 1916. The ship was armed and took part of the German landing to Saaremaa in 1917. Was lost on 14 October 1917 between Hiiumaa and Saaremaa.231 BRT, displacement 550 t, length 39,02 and width 7,10 meters, steam…

    Wreck"E.Russ" Harju, Estonia

    Built in Germany at the Stettin Oderwerke Shipyard in 1909. Originally it belonged to the German shipping company Ernst Russ, but on 2 July 1919 had been given to England.On 15 September 1919, after a two-week journey from Bordeaux to Tallinn, the steamship reached Tahkuna Peninsula, where on a…

    Wreck"I.Muromets" Harju, Estonia

    This Russan minesweeper sunk aftemine explosion on 23 August 1917. NE from Kärdla port, near Lainemadal. At a depth of 16 meters.

    Wreck"Krimulda" Harju, Estonia

    This Latviasteamer hit a mine on 30 June 1941 and foundered. Five people lost their lives. NE from Kärdla port, near Lainemadal. At a depth of 15 meters.

    Wreck"Vims" Harju, Estonia

    This Russan icebreaker during on a German mine barrier on 7 September 1917. NE from Kärdla port, near Lainemadal. At a depth of 15 meters.

    Wreck"Vest" Harju, Estonia

    Russian motor-hydrographic vessel, built in 1939. Took part of WWII as a mine planter.Was lost on 27 June 1941 at the mouth of Hari kurk (Moonsund) near Laine shoal on a marine mine. Two crew members lost their lives.Displacement 860 tons, length 56,8 meters, width 9,3 meters.

    Wreck"Škiv" Harju, Estonia

    T-208 Škiv was a fugass-type minesweeper (in total 44 were built). The construction was started in 1937 at the Ust-Ishorski Shipyard and the ship was launched on 31 October 1938. The construction was completed at the "Sudomeh" Shipyard. Starting from 12 October 1939 belonged to the Baltic fleet.Ran…