Dive in Hurghada

    Banana Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Banana shaped reef in the middle of the Giftun Strait. It generally hasan easy current that allows you to drift all along the coral wall.

    Abu Hashish Hurghada, Egypt

    One of the better dive sites with access from Makadi Bay.Abu Hashish has a shallow erg field laying on the south side of the island. You will see lots of blue spotted stingrays, puffer fishes and morays, swimming through a pinnacle landscape. A wonderful drift dive can be made along the eastern…

    Carless Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Carless Reef is the most famous coral shoal in the coastal area of Hurghada. This dive site is situated one hour of Hurghada, it is a mid sea reef plateau pushing up from the Abyss.The reef itself centres on two peaks or pinnacles which brush the surface in an otherwise open sea. The valley between…

    El Fanadir Hurghada, Egypt

    Fanadir is one of the longest and straightest reefs in Hurghada. Located in the north, out of Hurghada’s bay it is a nice diving place for a calm and relaxed drift dive.Besides the main reef on the west side, the sandy plateau is slopping down from 12 to 22 meters, where the drop off wall starts…

    El Fanadir East Hurghada, Egypt

    The sandy plateau slopes down from 12 to 22 meters, where the drop off wall starts on the East, going down to 50 meters. It's deaper than many sites in the area and therefore hosts some larger wildlife. Keep your eyes open, a lot of times an eagle ray is spotted.

    El Fanadir South Hurghada, Egypt


    Gota Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    This area is commonly known as 'the Aquarium' due to the wealth of marine life. There is an abundance of hard and soft coral and schools of butterfly fish, banner fish, snappers and goatfish are found swimming around the mountains of coral gardens. You will find that dives at Gota will make you feel…

    Sha'ab Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Shabroah Umm Gamar Hurghada, Egypt

    This is a piece of reef in the open sea close to Umm Gammar. The topography of the dive site is similar to Umm Gammar, but has the added attraction of a wrecked patrol boat starting at 24 meters. The two engines are easily seen and other small pieces of wreckage are scattered over the reef.

    Umm Gammar Hurghada, Egypt

    The Mother of the Moon, so called because this small island to the south east of El Gouna is crescent shaped when viewed from above. The sea bed in this can be 100 meters down and most of the dive takes place on a sloping drop off. Umm Gammar is famous for the chance to spot free-swimming moray eels…

    El Mina Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    El Mina was a 70m long Egyptian minesweeper. She was bombed in 1969.

    Marsa Abu Galawa Hurghada, Egypt

    marsa means the port and describes the mooring area, which is a sheltered lagoon between the main reef and a large gotta. The dive site features a shallow sandy plateau, a drop-off going down to 40+ meters and a shallow reef wall. The site also has 2 eel gardens. Because of the reef topography,…

    Sha'ab Abu Galawa Hurghada, Egypt

    Turtle Bay Hurghada, Egypt

    This is a not so well known dive site off the north tip of Grand Giftun island.It's a small horseshoe reef with a shallow swim through to a bowel reef that is absolutely filled with fish and coral.This was the most like swimming in an aquarium that I have found and one of my favorite dives.

    Abu Nugar Hurghada, Egypt

    Abu Nugar means the father of the holes, or the pools and refers to the holes in the main reef here. It is a big reef system in north Hurghada: some larger blocks of coral, or gottas, in this shallow water area (one of the best for coral in Hurghada) but not so much fish. Shallow and quite easy,…

    Abu Ramada Cave Hurghada, Egypt

    After the drop off from the boat you can go down to a cave about 10 meters in length that is open at both ends. The top to the cave it at about 38 meters, and goes down to about 48 meters. after you go through, it is a great swim back up along the reef to the surface.

    Ben el Gebel Hurghada, Egypt

    Erg Abu Nugar Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site consists of a series of pinnacles with a gotta at one end and a very large pinnacle at the other. The dive boat can be moored at either end of the site. This is a shallow dive site, max depth 14 meters, but there is a great variety of marine life to see. The pinnacles are covered in…

    Diver's Alley Hurghada, Egypt

    Down at 40 meters there is a protrusion of the reef with an opening about 10 meters long that you can swim through. The top of this "cave" is at 40m, and it goes down to 49m. After going through, it's a nice swim along the reef.Also good for drift diving as the currents can be strong here.

    El Aruk - Aruk Diana Hurghada, Egypt


    El Aruk - Aruk Makroom Hurghada, Egypt

    El Aruk is a shallow dive with app. 10m-15m. Lots of smaller ergs need good navigation not to loose orientation in between them. Watch your compass and take care of the sometimes quiet strong current. The sandy bottom is the home of a lot of sweet lips and blue spotted stingrays. Hidden in the erg…

    El Aruk - Aruk Gigi Hurghada, Egypt

    A cluster of a seven ergs laying in 10m - 15m of water. The whole area is home to sweetlips under the ledges, blue spotted sting rays in the sandy patches and glassfish and anthia fish swarm on the erg wall. One erg to note is the split erg, which has a grotto through it filled with glassfish,…

    Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Plateau with 3 pinacles covered in soft coral and small orange fish. Deeper small caves and moray eels. Black tipped reef sharks and barracudas can curuise by.Less dived because it can have very strong current. Good drift dive along the steep eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and swim…

    Erg Somaya Hurghada, Egypt

    One of the nicest drifts in Hurghada. Beautiful hard coral and one of the best places to spot sharks and Napoleon fish in Hurghada.The current can be anything from mild to horrible, so this is not a site for beginners. Good for the rest of us, though, as you seldom find more than one or two groups…

    Habibty Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    A good reef for night dives, access right from the shore.

    HEPCA Shark Monument Hurghada, Egypt

    it¥s a standard divesite, but there is the first underwater memorial for the sharks. it¥s an 2,5m long withe shark from the sharksaving organisation sharkproject.

    Makadi Bay Reef Hurghada, Egypt

    Great for snorkelling. Large area and relative few people. Hanging on the surface the depth to the reef rocks/population is only 1 to 2 meters. Of course there are deeper spots. Great reef wall.Will get busier in due time due to building of holiday resorts.

    North Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Less dived site in north of Abu Ramada island. Nice plateau on the north side and wall on the east side. This place is mostly dived with soth winds (not very often) and can have anything from mild to horrible current.Good place to spot turtles, barracudas, reefsharks, octopus and moray eels.

    Oberoi Housereef Hurghada, Egypt

    Petra Hurghada, Egypt

    Police Station Hurghada, Egypt


    Royal Azur Coral Hurghada, Egypt

    Sand Beach Hurghada, Egypt

    Sha'ab Abu Nuhas Hurghada, Egypt

    About 2 1/2 hours cruising time from Hurghada lies the reef of Abu Nuhas - "The father of bad luck", so called because of the number of ships that have hit this reef over the years. The reef is to the north of Shaidwan Island, close to the main shipping channel from Suez and usually partially…

    Sha'ab Iris Hurghada, Egypt

    Part of the Abu Nugar complex, and west of Umm Gamar, this is a sand bottom with scattered coral heads.Very interesting for seeing little fish and branches since there is enough sand that you can ground yourself withoug worrying about hitting the coral here.

    Sha'ab Sabrina Hurghada, Egypt

    The reef here pokes out from the eastern side of Giftun Kebira island and has a coral garden extending 300-400m north of it. The best way to dive this site is on the drift, dropping 300m out and using the gentle current to make your way back to the boat mooring. This area is known for its beautiful…

    Sha'ab Talata Hurghada, Egypt

    South Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt


    Susana Wreck Hurghada, Egypt


    The Excalibur Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    The Excalibur was a 22m long twin mast motor and sail vessel.

    Torfa Fanous East Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site has many names, including "Dolphin Reef" and "Turtle Bay".This narrow reef creates a huge calm lagoon, a great place to stop for lunch and catch the sun before the second dive of the day.The lagoon itself and the enclosing reef wall is relatively uninteresting and naturally lifeless…

    Torfa Fanous West Hurghada, Egypt

    The other end (west) of the Fanus reef has two main ergs and several smaller pinnacles off its western end. You can follow the reef wall round and explore the reef face and coral gardens which is full of marauding jacks. Or if you feel energetic you can swim the 50m to the furthest erg which is well…

    Small Giftun Hurghada, Egypt

    With the current carrying you, this dive is a relaxing exploration along a magnificent wall, where you can 'fly over' extensive stretches of large fan corals and if you look out into the blue it's not uncommon to see large tunas and trevallies. The dive leads to a sandy plateau dotted with numerous…

    Gotta Abu Nugar North Hurghada, Egypt

    This dive site is known for the ledge running out to sea, which divers cross in about 6 meters on their way to and from the large coral garden. The ledge is covered in very colorful hard corals and clams in varying sizes and colors. The coral garden is more like a coral landscape than the…

    Abu Ramada North and South Hurghada, Egypt

    Two small islands surrounded by a single reef. It is a beautiful drift dive along the eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and amazing colours. A dive only for experienced divers, with a lot of big groupers to be seen. The plateau on the southern part has plenty of ergs and lot of marine…

    Abu Minkar Hurghada, Egypt

    Abu Minkar is a very easy dive spot, which we only use for beginners and diving courses. Its sandy bottom whith a max. depth of 10m and a small wreck in the north/west makes it very easy to navigate. It is a nice spot for snorkelling as well.

    Ras Disha Hurghada, Egypt

    The fringing reef, which surrounds this cape, offers a good shallow dive on the hard coral garden found north of the lighthouse with schooling barracuda, napoleon fish and groupers. Garden eels.

    Umm Dom (Stoney beach) Hurghada, Egypt

    Here the steep cliff of the north east side of Giftun Kebira island plunges into the depths and continues into the abyss, the reef wall drops to about 12m and then there is a steep, tumbling slope to the top of the drop off at about 27m. Most of the life here is above 15m as the lower slope and top…
    El Mina is an Egyptian minesweeper sunk by Israeli fighters, while lying at anchor in 1969. The wreck lies in 30m on a rock sea bed. The current here can be strong from the north and the visibility poor. There is a large debris field which contains a lot of still active munitions, worth a look but…

    El Minya Wreck Hurghada, Egypt

    Wreck of the El Minya (Harbour Wreck) An Egyptian minesweeper sunk by Israeli fighters, while lying at anchor, in 1969, the wreck lies in 30m on a rock sea bed. The current here can be strong from the north and the visibility poor. There is a large debris field which contains a lot of LIVE…

    Sacqua Abu Galawa Hurghada, Egypt

    Sacqua means the fisherman's box and describes the small lagoon cut into the reef where the boats moor. This dive can be done as an out-and-back from the moored boat, or a drift dive down the reef ending at the moored boat. Another small lagoon, with large flat pinnacle, further up the reef is…

    Shaabaha Hurghada, Egypt

    "the female ghost", so called because it is large reef plate lying about 5 meters below the surface and seems to appear out of nowhere to an unsuspecting boat skipper. The maximum depth here is around 13 meters making one circuit around the reef. The reef is covered in hard and soft corals and all…

    Anchor Hurghada, Egypt

    Named for the large anchor resting near the pinnacle where the dive boat is moored. Moving away from this pinnacle, divers cross a coral garden to a series of pinnacles with great corals and large number of reef fish etc.