White Rock

Koh Tao, Thailand

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Two large granite boulders and a coral garden; great night dive spot. Being one of the largest dive sites on koh tao, White rock has a huge variety of fish life. It is made up of two large rock formations, with beautiful coral gardens in betwen. The actual " white rock" is located to the north east of this dive site. this is a great site to explore, and is definitely worth visiting more than once.
things to see: sea turtle, titan triggerfish, angelfish bluespotted stingray, banded seasnake, scribbled filefish, great barracuda(on a nicht dive).
Usually is one of the most visited places in koh tao
At night you can actually see barracuda hunt. Occasionally juvenile whalesharks are seen here too. Blue spotted rays can always be found here hiding in the day or hunting at night too

  • Barrel Coral Sponge

    Barrel Coral Sponge
  • White Rock

    White Rock
  • Turtle


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