Verde Island Wall

Verde Island, Mindoro

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Dive Verde Island Wall

Deep Wall

Verde Island Diving is excellent, with warm water, 30m plus on average visibility and good fish and coral life all add up to a world class destination.

Depending on state of tide the current on the wall face can be nothing to very strong >3 knts and very easy to miss the duck back around/over the wall, at the end to get out of current and into shelter, and not get swept away from the island. But a drift along the wall is a must.

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Amish January 25th, 2014 - 22:22:
Quite frankly one of the best dive sites I've ever been. Also one of the most dangerous dive sites I've ever been to. While completing my divemaster internship at a local diveshop in the Philippines, I had the oppotunity to dive the Verde Island Wall at least 10 times. I never once missed the opportunity to go. The area has over 300 species of corals, which is considered one of the largest concentrations of corals in the country or even in the whole world. In 2006 it was declared that the Philippines is the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the world and Verde Island Passages as the "Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity". Make no mistake if you want to see anthias, go here. But also make no mistake that if your DM says the current is too strong to dive, they are not being a wimp. The current can DRASTICALLY change from one dive to another only a hour later. On one of the dives at the corner we had one diver who didn't listen to us on how hard you should be kicking to get around the corner. I watched her go from 26m down to at least 50m in a matter of seconds. The down current can be extremely treacherous. Due to this, I only recommend this if you are an advanced diver. However don't let this scare you. If you are a competent diver, then I highly recommend this dive. It does take some time to get to from Puerto Galera, but the seas are generally calm, and again the dives are unreal.

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