Shark Point/ Light House

Perhentian Islands, Peninsular Malaysia

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Dive Shark Point/ Light House


Vast extension of hard coral, and the usual reef life. Easy to spot black tip sharks (when visibility is good) and home of turtles, needle fish, puffers, some barracuda, etc. In 2010 one diving school sunk an old piano there. It's locations shouldn't be difficult: In the Flora Bay side of this site there's 3 to 4 buoys attached to the ground, check in one of the middle ones, and you'll find it at the sandy bottom, at aprox.12m deep. It's also an excellent site for snorkellers.

  • Black tip shark

    Black tip shark
  • Red pencil sea urchin ( echinometra mathaei )

    Red pencil sea urchin ( echinometra mathaei )

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