Shark Fin Reef

Koh Similan, Thailand

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This reef begins at 1.5km south east of island #3, and actually encompasses two quite different sites (Shark Fin Reef and Boulder City) at each end of the reef. The reef is a long rocky ridge running in a northwest to southeast direction. Shark Fin reef derives it's name from it's resemblance to a shark fin as the narrower portion of the ridge pierces the water surface. Depths from 1 - 30m. Visibility 18 - 25m.
It is suited as a multi-level dive with interesting scenery all the way down. There are mountain-coral bommies, staghorn and other hard corals, with large sea fans, barrel sponges and dendrophyllia tree corals at the deeper depths. There are many reef fish. Look out for the occasional Napoleon wrasse which sometimes visit the site.

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