Koh Similan, Thailand

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Dive Stonehenge

Ambiance Reef Sharks

This is a relatively deep site a couple of hundred meters off the northern tip of Ko Miang. Large granite boulders are strewn over a white sandy floor at an average depth of 30m. The best parts of the site lie between depths of 18 to 40m. At 20m one encounters hard corals, sponges and feather stars. In the canyons between the boulders and along the sides of the ridge, there are numerous sea fans, together with large barrel sponges, and gorgonian wire corals. Spiny lobsters and soldierfish hide in the deep crevices. Zebrafish, Damselfish, butterfly fish, jacks, pinjalo snappers, turtles, and, at deeper depths, leopard and other reef sharks are all quite common. Tuna, angelfish and unicorn surgeonfish are also usually in the vicinity. Depths from 18 - 36m. Average depth 30m. Visibility 18 - 24m.

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