Elephant's Head Rock

Koh Similan, Thailand

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Dive Elephant's Head Rock

Ambiance Reef

Named after the rock that sits out of the water and, to the imaginative mind, resembles an elephant cranium, this is another Similan dive site where the stunning topography is the chief feature. It is quite an extensive site and features huge granite rocks, clad with thorough growths of hard corals, sea anemones, sea fans and soft corals, rising from depths approaching 40m. The boulders provide a complex, yet easily navigated, series of tunnels and archways.
You will encounter a spectrum of reef fish and also small critters such as mantis shrimp, purple dragon nudibranches and jawfish. Also look out for butterflyfish, Moorish idols, clown fish and clown triggerfish, oriental sweetlips, angelfish, large stingrays and whitetip reef sharks. Depths from 8 - 38m. Visibility 18 - 24m.

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