Okikawa Maru (former Taiei Maru)

Coron Island, Calamian Group


This was a civilian tanker/oiler ordered form Mainila to Coron Bay on the 22nd September 1944. Two days later, she was hit by bombs and sank. She is 160m long and lies two miles south of Concepcion in the northwest of the bay. Confusion has reigned for a while about its true name. Many called it The Taiei Maru, but it has been confirmed that the latter ship was sunk seperately by a submarine in August 1944.To confuse matters further, the site is sometimes referred to as Concepcion Wreck.

She is lying upright in 26m of water and by length, width and volume is the largest of the Coron wrecks and an hour long dive is possible. The bow area of the ship was hit and it is now bent and twisted into incredible shapes. A true reminder of wartime. The deck is between 10-16m and is ideal for beginners. For more advanced wreck divers there are a number of areas where penetration is possible. Through the propeller shaft and on up to the engine room is the best. The front portion of the ship is also accessible, starting at a cargo hold on top and coming out of the twisted wreckage at the front. This is a spectacular swim through.

On your dives, expect to come across sweetlips, grouper, lionfish, surgeons, wrasse, tang and soldierfish. In addition, the whole wreck is covered with soft and hard corals and sponges.

Note: as tidal currents can be fierce, particularly towards the stern, care should be taken.
Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water with experience, Wreck Diver
Recommended EAN-Nitrox Mix: 36%

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