Leven bank

Zanzibar North, Zanzibar

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Deep Reef Sharks Wall

Often seen: schools of tuna, barracuda and kingfish.The top of Leven bank can be as shallow as 14 m, when the tide is low. The bank isseveral miles from shore, so may be subject to high currents . The site looks like a big plateau coming up from great depth, with the top of it slighlty at an angle. There is about 4 mets diference between the opposite sides of the plateau. The dive site is more recommanded for advanced divers but may be dived and enjoyed by all level, depending of the weather conditions )

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Diane May 23rd, 2012 - 12:41:
One of the most frequented spot by big fish, including wahoo, mai-mai, groupers,tuna and more!!! You can enjoy a lazy Dive by drifting slowly on the top of the plateau, when the current isn't strong or best at slack tide. Another option is to dive on the flank of the bank that is protected from the current: there you would start your dive around 25 m and work your way up to the edge of the plateau . You follow the bottom, watching small species playing betweens sponges ans hard coral, sometimes a turtle comes close. Schools of spade fish wander around. Slowly you ascend toward the top of the plateau, flat like a pancake. Once there you can choose to enjoy a little bit more of the stunning environment, where moray eels , manti shrimps and anemone fish share the small crevices, or you may prefer to let you drift in the blue, enjoying the big game fish while you are making your safety stop! Leven Bank is an oasis of life in the middle ofthe deep water ocean, always a great dive

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