Dive in Zanzibar North

Diving packages in Zanzibar North

1 day diving - 2 Dives

Mnemba - Big Wall Depth: 14 - 40m At the Northern edge of Mnemba, there is a long stretch of reef, with a wall dropping off to around 40 meters. There's a good chance to see big things here, though we can't promise anything. J The visibility is usually very good. However, due to depth and current, this dive is not for beginners.

10dives package-5days

it takes at most 5 days to complete with a 2dives per day around tumbatu,mnemba and local reefs.it includes snarks and equipments. usually we have two main trips one starts at 8:00 and the other at 13:00

2 day diving - 4 Dives

Haji Depth: 10 - 18m A big mountain of plate coral, surrounded by other bommies with soft and hard corals. Lots of schooling fish can be seen at this place, such as yellow snapper. Bottlenose dolphins have been seen many times at this site!!! Or have a closer look at the rocks to find the perfectly camouflaged stonefish and scorpion fish. Hamdus or Leons Wall Depth: 12 - 40m Leons wall is a…

4 day diving - 8 Dives

Nankivell Depth: 12 - 18m Close to Hunga lies Nankivell reef, also a great place for big shoals of fish! Nankivell harbors a large area of coral with lots of fish variety. The squid family is well represented here, with a big chance of seeing cuttlefish, octopus and squid. When you feel lucky, at this place you can sometimes even find reef sharks! Just make sure to go at the right time, as…

2tank dive-1day

this is a dive package on either of the three reefs whether at mnemba,tumbatu or making a local dive around nungwi reefs.it includes snarks and equipments

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